The 7400 Pershing Blog has a new home, too!

The nice thing about moving into 7400 Pershing is that we’ve had time to get caught up on other things, least of which has been launching Kuhlmann Leavitt, Inc.’s new website! Like our new building, our new digital home has been upgraded, too. For those of you who have been catching our blog via WordPress you’ll now find it at We hope that you will continue to follow our building projects. Next up:  rain garden installation. Of course, while your at our website be sure to check out the design work that we do for client’s across the US and abroad. As always, thanks for your continued interest!


Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 4.38.05 PM


Home sweet home!

It’s been more than a month since our last post and I’m delighted to be sharing this update with you from my desk at 7400 Pershing.  To say that it is peaceful here is an understatement.  Our geothermal cooling is soooooo quiet (and cool!).  Our solar panels are doing their job, too. We received our first electric bill:  $1.85.  Yep, $1.85 in July in St. Louis.  Nice.  Besides sustainable state-of-the-art building systems, being out of the hustle and bustle of Clayton is also more peaceful.  I know we were not exactly in NYC, but our neighbor behind us was the county courts and that comes with all kinds of crazy.  We did move away from food and drink at our doorstep, but our friends at Kaldi’s Coffee are just a few blocks over as are dozens more restaurants that we frequent now that we have to work just a bit harder to get lunch.  Without exception we all feel that we have traded up.  And the light!  The light here is spectacular – not too much and not too little.  On sunny days the only lights we turn on are our fun, Pershing Square neon signs…just because they look fantastic lit up on our Iron Mountain walls (thanks Benjamin Moore)!  We’ve had many visitors already and with them a lot of questions about paint colors, materials, fixtures, etc.  Check back soon for a future blog post where we’ll share our resources with you.

There is still much to be done (exterior painting and landscaping, furniture, shelving, tile, etc.) but we are thrilled to have come this far. The next big Pershing project starts next week when we break ground on our rain garden…stay tuned!  For now, here are some photographs of where things stand today. Special thanks to the fabulous Gregg Goldman for the beautiful shots.  Enjoy and thank you for following us and for sharing our story with others.

New KLI-1117

New KLI-0960

New KLI-0973

New KLI-0948

New KLI-0984

New KLI-1001

New KLI-1016

New KLI-1036

New KLI-1048

New KLI-1070

New KLI-1084

Photographs courtesy of Gregg Goldman Photography

OK, so we haven’t moved yet…

The last post should never have happened. It’s that kind of wishful thinking that is sure to derail any well thought out plan. The good news is that we are definitely moving into Pershing one week from tomorrow (oh, I shouldn’t have said that!). Things are getting really close. Take a look:



Move in date has been set!

I’ve been a bad blogger. Sorry for the delay in sharing progress updates on 7400 Pershing. We’ve been busy pushing the project to the finish line. Move-in is set for June 1 and we have a lot to do to hit that date. Since the last post the drywall been hung and finished, the second floor subfloor has been laid, all but one of the doors and half of the woodwork have been installed and now the painters are working their magic. Once the painters are finished the concrete floor on the first level will be cleaned and sealed and the rest of the trades will come in to do their final work…installation of the kitchen, restroom fixtures, lighting, second floor floor covering, glass stair rail, et al! Thanks for following our project. I hope hope you enjoy the photo updates below. They are mostly in chronological order.














7400’s rain garden is approved!

The plans to install a rain garden across the front of 7400 are moving along well. We recently were notified that our application to the Deer Creek Watershed Alliance has been approved. This is great for two reasons:  it’s confirmation that the brilliant Two Sallys are indeed brilliant and that the Alliance will help to partially fund the project. If you are not familiar with rain gardens and would like to learn more, check out Deer Creek’s website. The more we learn about these gardens and how vital they are to our urban communities the more excited we are to blaze this trail. Here’s a look at our plans and ten of the twenty or so species that will be flourishing just outside our windows.




photo_2 photo_1photo_2photo_3photo_4photo_6photo_7photo_8photo_9photo_10

Progress inside and out…

We’ve been waiting on some good visual progress to share new news and finally, it’s here. We arrived home from spring break to find the kind of forward motion we’ve been looking for. On the outside, we are excited to share some shots of our 24 new solar panels perfectly situated on our south facing roof. We are eager to fire up the solar system when the time is right. A special thanks to Renaissance Roofing for a job well done on the zinc roof and integrating the solar.


Also on the outside, the deck is near complete. The railing has been installed except for the wood cap. We are looking forward to spending time outside this summer!


On the inside, the foam insulation has been sprayed and the drywall is mostly installed. It still needs to be mudded, taped and sanded, but this gives you an idea of how the space is shaping up.



Honk if you love zinc!

Seriously, if you happen to be driving by, honk if you love zinc! By far the biggest and most difficult decision that we have had to make on this project has been deciding what to do with the roof, and especially the roofing material (see “We bought a roof”). It enjoys the dual distinction of being the largest expense and the biggest visual expanse. So it is with much relief and a great deal of enthusiasm that we share more images documenting the installation of the zinc shingles to our steep, steep roof. It is 99% complete! In case you didn’t know, the pattern is often called “fish scale” or simply, diamond. We’re told it is a 100 year roof, and well, it should be! Be on the lookout in the coming week or two for a post showing the solar installation as that crew is the next group to strap on the safety ropes and scale this crazy roof!

IMG_5178 IMG_5203 IMG_5205 IMG_5213 IMG_5221 IMG_5246 photo